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The Tahoka ISD employs a superintendent who is responsible for the instructional leadership of the district. In that role, the superintendent employs, assigns, and mentors a principal for each campus who serves as the instructional leader for his/her respective campus. Through this arrangment, information and support for improving student academic achievement across all content areas and among all students is provided to teachers at each campus by their instructional leader, the campus principal. Teachers are then afforded the opportunity to grow through personal coaching and staff development sessions geared toward utilizing research-based, best instructional practices for the students of TISD.

Tahoka ISD utilizes the TEKS Resource System as its guide to the scope and sequence which the district follows with regard to its curriculum. For more information about the TEKS Resource System or to view its components, please click the link below:

TEKS Resource System

The Texas Curriculum Management Program Cooperative, or TCMPC, is a shared service agreement between the 20 Educational Service Centers (ESCs) in Texas. This shared service agreement, or SSA, allows participating ESCs to share responsibility for management and operations of the online curriculum management system known as the TEKS Resource System. For more information about the TCMPC, see the link below: