“We Serve, Students WIN!”

Our Mission

We serve the needs of our students so that they may be successful in learning.

The 4 C's of our Vision

Community: A true partnership between TISD and the entire community relying on both sides to advance the district mission.

Character: Student character development promoting student responsibility, perseverance, school spirit, and respect self and others.

Civic Involvement: Promoting student service and involvement in the local community as a means of giving back to society and discovering our place in a global climate.

Continuous Improvement: Regularly assessing all areas of district operations and adjusting to make improvements which are aimed at accomplishing our district’s mission.

Guiding Concepts

  • Student-centered learning leading to college and career ready graduates.
  • Collaborative decision-making and district partnerships involving all district stakeholders which puts the needs of students first.
  • Servant-orientation toward and celebration of efforts to improve our local community.
  • Holistic student development focusing on character, conduct, and achievement which leads to a safe and orderly learning environment.
  • Refusal to settle for complacency.